Contacts & Links

Listed is some information that might be useful to you, your carer and your family. If you need further information on any of these points please telephone the helpline on 0333 366 1045.

For clubs and support groups in the Thurrock area visit

For clubs and support groups in the Basildon area visit

To complete a benefit check to see if you are receiving the correct benefits or to see if you can claim any benefits visit  or

For information for disabled people on benefits, employment, independent living, disability rights, health & support and much more visit

For information for carers on support services and assessments, carers rights, working and caring, Carers Allowance, etc visit  or Carers UK on 0808 808 7777 or at or by email or Carers Direct on 0300 123 1053 or at or Essex Carers Support/Supporting Carers in Essex 0300 770 8090 or 01255 474410

Would you like to know sources of funding for installing a stairlift in your home or some help towards the cost of other adaptation.  DFG Finder tool shows the Disabled Facilities Grant contact information for every council. Also included is information about other sources of funding for adults and children with disabilities.  Visit for more information.

A guide to home adaptations and grants available for disabled people visit  

Do you use a wheelchair or know someone who does?  Have a look at the following link which is a home safety checklist and provides helpful tips, advice and other helpful resources: 

Holidays and breaks for Special Educational Needs (SEN) for children and adults contact Break Charity on 01603 670100 or Email:

The Essential Guide to Travelling with a Medical Condition visit

For health advice call NHS 111 or

For sight tests in your own home contact Specsavers Healthcall on 0800 198 1132 or visit

To gain discounted rail travel for disabled people enquire at your local station or Tel: 0345 605 0525 or visit

For your local Social Care Department call; For Essex 0345 603 7630 or  for Thurrock 01375 652652 and Southend on 01702 215008

For an online Self OT assessment and advice on equipment and adaptation visit or Tel: 0300 999 0004

For any problems relating to older people contact Age UK on 0800 678 1174 or visit or Independent Age 0800 319 6789

For expert care and emotional support for cancer patients contact Macmillan Tel: 0808 808 0000 or visit

For advice and information on issues relating to disabled children contact SNAP. Telephone 01277 211300 or visit

Families in Focus will help with any issue facing families with disabled children in Essex (not Thurrock or Southend).  Tel 01245 353575 or visit

Are you a Carer and need a few hours to yourself.  Secure Sitting Service can supply a reliable person to sit with your disabled relative/child/friend to allow you time to do what you want knowing they are in safe hands.  Tel 01702 544461 Out of Hours 07703 515242, Email: or visit

For various information relating to motoring for disabled people including information on reporting medical conditions to DVLA, purchasing vehicles, road tax exemption, etc contact Disabled Motoring UK at or by telephone on 01508 489449.

As electric vehicle sales continue to surge, it’s important for people with disabilities to understand the new opportunities they unlock, as well as the potential challenges.  View the full guide here at where they take readers through

  1. the driving gap between adults with and without a disability
  2. the benefits of and barriers to driving an EV for someone with a disability
  3. how to make EVs more accessible
  4. support that’s currently available for disabled EV drivers

Looking for a Motability Vehicle have a chat with Rates Ford at Hogg Lane, Grays, RM17 5QL  Tel: 01375 391234 or visit

Looking for Insurance for your mobility scooter or wheelchair visit  or telephone 01730 233101 to see if they can help.

Are you having financial problems?  Need advice?  Have a look at Money & Mental Health – Practical Financial Skills to Manage Money

If there are problems with sleeping have a look at the Mattress Advisor site at  Find below some direct links to helpful resources:

– Helping Your Child with Autism Sleep

– Sleep Deprivation and ADHD

– Our Guide to Sleep After Trauma

– How to Make a Bedroom Accessible for Disabilities

– The Connection Between Sleep and Learning

Do you wonder – Helping Your Child with Autism Sleep

– Sleep Deprivation and ADHD

– Our Guide to Sleep After Trauma

– How to Make a Bedroom Accessible for Disabilities

– The Connection Between Sleep and Learning

Do you have a child with a disability?  Please find below some helpful links in relation to entertaining children with disabilities, holiday destinations and playground tips:

Backyard Camping for Kids with Disabilities

Playground Tips for Children with Special Needs

Teaching Swimming to Children with Disabilities: Benefits & Safety Precautions

Accessible Entertaining: Making Sure Your Disabled Guests Feel Safe and Welcome in Your Home

The Best Bikes for Special Needs Kids

Finding the Right Hotel for Your Child with Special Needs

32 Vacation Destinations for Individuals with Special Needs

4 top tips for communicating with deaf children

How to Childproof Your Home When Your Little One Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Interacting With Children Who Are Visually Impaired

Choosing Toys for Children with Vision Loss

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for a Child with Autism

Food Allergy 411 for Babysitters

Babysitting: Caring for Kids With Medical Conditions

Youth Group Games for Disabled Children

Do you know anyone who has been affected by cerebral palsy, birth injuries, or brain injuries. The Cerebral Palsy Group can provide answers and all types of assistance needed to help improve the quality of life for loved ones and family members with cerebral palsy.  Visit their website for free support and useful resources

Mobility Scooter Safety guide – how to use a mobility scooter safely, with a guide and tips within it and also a free downloadable pdf.  Visit

Calvert Trust Exmoor – provides fully accessible residential adventure breaks for individuals, families, groups of people and organisations supporting disability.  Finding an accessible break for everyone to enjoy can be a real challenge. Calvert Trust Exmoor, provide an experience that is fun, stimulating and full of great memories to share for everyone. Catering for low to complex needs, you can be sure of a memorable and shared experience for everyone.Visit their website at

Angel Vehicle Hire – provide the hire of wheelchair accessible vehicles and specially adapted cars for disabled drivers nationwide. For more information, please visit

Greetings from Advatech Healthcare Europe trading as Hippo (
Hippo is the UK’s best technology driven wheelchair access transportation services for disabled people and non-emergency patients.
They offer a personalised punctual and cost-effective transportation service for the disabled (physical and medical) aged community and persons with restricted mobility.