For 37 years, volunteers have been a vital part of DIAL in providing support to thousands of disabled people by:

  • Giving information and advice on  any disability issues
  • Working to influence public opinion and government policy
  • Promoting disabled people’s active involvement in society
  • Promoting lifelong learning

DIAL promotes the role of disabled people in society by:

  • Supporting them to influence decisions
  • Sharing their experiences and skills within their communities and society as a whole
  • Making choices

Volunteers are crucial in making sure DIAL continues to support disabled people and benefit the local community. People volunteer for many reasons, perhaps to give something back to the local community or to gain valuable experience which could help in finding future employment.  This year one of our volunteers has found employment and agree that volunteering with DIAL has helped him to obtain the position due to the skills, experience and increased confidence that he has gained during his time with us.

Volunteers add value to our work with disabled people in the local community and in return can expect:

  • The enjoyment of being part of a team
  • A chance to meet new people, make new friends, gain confidence and  increase self esteem
  • To gain new skills
  • The chance to use their individual talents and skills to benefit disabled people
  • Personal growth and development
  • The rewarding feeling of supporting someone to achieve their full potential
  • The knowledge that they have made a real difference

DIAL currently has a bank of 9 committed volunteers, working between 5 and 10 hours per week.  Whether they are disabled themselves or have a family member or friend they care for, they are all dedicated to the work that they do and endeavour to help others cope with their problems and difficulties. DIAL promotes the importance of the role volunteers play in the organisation and encourages all volunteers to participate in training courses to benefit their work at DIAL and to increase their own knowledge, skills and confidence.

If you think you could help DIAL and would like to speak to us about volunteering then please get in touch and ask for Jan or Sally.