Coming Together Project


It is one of our projects that gives people an opportunity to access social groups, training sessions or just to talk to each other. We want to connect people who live close to each other, who can support each other and develop friendships that will help them with tasks they find difficult. For example someone may find it difficult to get out to pay a bill.  A group member may be able to do this whilst they are out shopping.  That person may have difficulty replying to a letter that the other person may be able to help with. We aim to connect these people to support each other and develop new friendships. We are looking to help people of all ages with any disability, their carers, families and friends, older people and people who feel they could benefit in any way on participation.

If you are interested in

Making new friends, Sharing hobbies and interests, Spending time with other people

Getting out of the house, Getting Active, Learning new skills, Getting advice and support


Just to talk to someone

This is for you!

We have 2  groups every Tuesday

Group 1

Adults Group at BASILDON LIBRARY, ST MARTINS SQUARE, SS14 1EE from 10.30am to 12.00pm.  Pop along for a cuppa, chat, activities and to let us know what activities you would like to see us provide.

Group 2

Families/Childrens Group at BASILDON LIBRARY, ST MARTINS SQUARE, SS14 1EE from 1pm to 2.30pm.  Come and meet other people who are in a similar situation while the children play.

For further details please Tel: 07340 904805 or the main office or email

We look forward to seeing you soon.