Holidays & Leisure

At DIAL we have information about a selection of holidays to suit most people in Great Britain and abroad. We have details of hotels, adventure and self-catering holidays for all ages.

Holidays for disabled people need more careful planning to ensure that everybody enjoys themselves and that they come back feeling relaxed rather than hassled.

Wheelchair users can experience a wide range of difficulties obtaining a suitable holiday. We have details of several organisations that specialise in this field and also an organisation that advises people on planning their journey whether it is in this country or abroad. We have a page on this site giving details of facilities at different airports in the UK so have a look before travelling and see if it can be of help to you.

One of the worst things that somebody with a disability or an elderly person can do is to sit at home and dwell on their misfortune.

There are numerous clubs and day centres in the area catering for individual needs and problems. These are places for people to go and enjoy themselves, have a chat, have a meal, meet new friends, develop new skills and interests and talk to people that understand.